During this time, I have to remind myself to focus on the things I can control.

March 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I can control:

  • I can control my attitude and mindset around the pandemic.
  • I can control my reaction to things
  • How I interpret situations
  • Where I am investing my time
  • How much “news” I let in, or how much I want to tune out.
  • The amount of positive or negative that I am letting into my life & mind. 
  • The exercise I’m getting and how I'm moving my body
  • The way I am nourishing my body & self. 
  • The self-care I’m giving myself.
  • The time and quality of time and attention I am giving my family. (Stating in touch via zoon or facetime)
  • Choosing to be happy and to smile during this phase on my life or all of our lives.


I made a list of what I can control and invite you to make a list of what you can control at this time; and start letting things go.


And as we go through this together, I wanted to give you my virtual care package.


1.Have a dance party with your family, friends, relatives, grand-children and your beautiful self. Here is a uplifting Spotify playlist.



2. Host an evening cocktail party with friends or family. Use Skype, Facetime, or zoom. Grab a glass of wine, or margarita.


3. Reflect and get introspective on how this has changed you or your family, how you can grow from this situation, and focus on the positives.


4. Take up that project you have always wanted to do.


5. Start or continue meditation, start an exercise program, and make sure you take mental breaks throughout the day.




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