Little Blessings Photography by Sheryll Hlavacek: Blog en-us (C) Little Blessings Photography by Sheryll Hlavacek (Little Blessings Photography by Sheryll Hlavacek) Sun, 19 Jul 2020 00:35:00 GMT Sun, 19 Jul 2020 00:35:00 GMT Little Blessings Photography by Sheryll Hlavacek: Blog 83 120 Little Blessings Studio Behind the Scenes Look | Setup | Props Inside Little Blessings Studio Set-Up Props VideoHi! I am a Dallas-Fate TX photographer. I focus on newborn photography, but also shoot babies, milestones, cake smashes, toddlers, graduations & families. I shoot newborns in studio but will travel a 60-mile radius around Dallas for family pictures.
Landscape and travel photography pictures are available to purchase. Check out portfolio below, or for more information;
**Click Here to Contact me**

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Props, Accessories, Furniture PROPS & STYLING IDEAS:

Because of the stay at home orders, I finally got around to organizing my prop room. I made a few changes so you can get a glimpse of what color themes I offer, what props I have for you to choose from, and which backdrops, colors and themes are available. I have added new items and will continue to purchase more items along the way. Here are the pictures of my prop room. For more information click here to contact me!


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COVID-19 Studio Safety Update Life is not always easy. There are times when we must look deep within ourselves to push us past adversity and believe in our own everyday power within us to get us through.

­­­ By Norbert Juma

We will all come out stronger than ever. We met those neighbors from a distance that we may have never met before. We had developed stronger family ties and realize more in-depth understanding the importance of family and friends. When things return to normal, as it will, it is important for me to take precautions when I am able to open up my studio safely again. And when that time comes, it will be more important than ever to capture those precious family moments and milestones you were unable to capture the past few months.


I will be taking extra precautions to not only keep you and your family safe, but to also keep my family safe.

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During this time, I have to remind myself to focus on the things I can control. I can control:

  • I can control my attitude and mindset around the pandemic.
  • I can control my reaction to things
  • How I interpret situations
  • Where I am investing my time
  • How much “news” I let in, or how much I want to tune out.
  • The amount of positive or negative that I am letting into my life & mind. 
  • The exercise I’m getting and how I'm moving my body
  • The way I am nourishing my body & self. 
  • The self-care I’m giving myself.
  • The time and quality of time and attention I am giving my family. (Stating in touch via zoon or facetime)
  • Choosing to be happy and to smile during this phase on my life or all of our lives.


I made a list of what I can control and invite you to make a list of what you can control at this time; and start letting things go.


And as we go through this together, I wanted to give you my virtual care package.


1.Have a dance party with your family, friends, relatives, grand-children and your beautiful self. Here is a uplifting Spotify playlist.


2. Host an evening cocktail party with friends or family. Use Skype, Facetime, or zoom. Grab a glass of wine, or margarita.


3. Reflect and get introspective on how this has changed you or your family, how you can grow from this situation, and focus on the positives.


4. Take up that project you have always wanted to do.


5. Start or continue meditation, start an exercise program, and make sure you take mental breaks throughout the day.



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Just checking in / Now's the time to book Newborn sessions I know this is a time of uncertainty but this will pass. We will all come out stronger than ever once this passes. We will all look back and say remember when!! I am using this time to study and really hone in on improving my skills in newborn photography. I am watching videos on practicing newborn wrapping techniques, so I can be proficient when I restart my newborn photo-shoots.

So now is the time to book your newborn sessions. Spots will fill up fast once this socialization ban is over. So if you are due 3 months down the road, make your appointment today, so I can tentatively pencil you in on my calendar. I know you never know the actually delivery date; unless you are having a c-section, so that is why I said tentative. I will work with you once that new little bundle of joy arrives.

So be safe, enjoy this down time with your families.

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Cake Smash / New lighting and new Background and floor I just completed 24 hours of studio lighting . Learned and improved my techniques using natural and studio lighting with new cake smash backdrop and floor. Took course from a world renowned photographer.



"Cake-Smash-boy-donut-theme", "wood-plank floors",First Birthday Cake Smash- Donut ThemeCake Smash, Donut Theme




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Perfect Age For Newborn Photos
What is best age for your newborn photos?
When possible, babies under 2 weeks is the best.
Newborn photography is centered on posed shots of the baby. Example; posed like a frog or curled up in a basket, bucket, or chair.… These poses can only be achieved early on before baby’s tiny bones fuse together and they’re still really curled up in the fetal like position and are still flexible.
I recommend scheduling your newborn baby photo shoot for around two weeks after your due date. The perfect ideal time is between 7 and 10 days old.

This is the perfect age for capturing all those delicate photos snuggling with parents, curled-up sleeping, shots of the baby nursing (if you would like), close up shots of their adorable lips, feet and baby’s eyelashes. This is also a perfect time to capture some gorgeous photos of baby with their siblings.
However, there’s no reason why you can’t have your babies newborn photo shoot up to or around three to four weeks old. They are just more adaptable and flexible within the first 2 weeks because they are also sleepier.
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Hi! Welcome to Little Blessings Photography by Sheryll Hlavacek Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Sheryll and I am a local photographer and founder of Little Blessings Photography. Little Blessings Photography is a home-based studio located in Fate Texas specializing in the Art of Newborn Photography. My passion is Newborns and Babies through the first year, but I also love photographing all children and families too. Cake smashes are always fun!

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